Zenoss Deep Dive – Server Monitoring for Complex Infrastructures

Watch an engineering walk-through in Zenoss on what it takes to deliver service assurance for highly complex server infrastructures. From managing physical resources to highly virtualized server deployments, having the ability to monitor and manage everything while automating as much as possible is a must for today's server operations teams. 

Having real-time information across your entire server deployment and the necessary decision-support data can mean the difference between proactively addressing impact events and failing to meet your SLAs.

Tune in to learn how Zenoss delivers:

  • Automated Physical and Virtual Server Discovery and Monitoring
  • Event Management, Alerting, and Automated Remediation
  • Application Visibility
  • Guaranteeing Service Delivery
  • Optimizing with Analytics and Reporting

Zenoss is working today with some of the world's most innovative companies, helping them deliver operations excellence. Learn how Zenoss provides the flexibility and power necessary to thrive in complex environments - all in 30 minutes! Guaranteed to be light on fluff and heavy on real world use-cases with full access to Zenoss product experts to answer your questions.

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