Creating a Single Unified IT Operations Platform

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Whether your company is 5 days old or 100 years old, your IT Operations strategy is key to your ultimate success.  Along the way, you’ve probably collected a few tools, solutions, or frameworks that have yielded both positive and negative return on investment.  Meanwhile, the Cloud Era has challenged your current IT Operations infrastructure while forcing you into an immature  

paradigm with inflated expectations and a high degree of change. 

In order to take advantage of this new paradigm, IT Operations needs to transform from a reactive to proactive model and unify under a single IT Operations platform.  Some would argue this means “starting over” with an entirely new solution.  While this approach benefits the vendors, does it benefit your organization?  Instead, your IT Operations Platform must replace those solutions that have not been successful while integrating with those that have.  Zenoss is Transforming IT Operations by providing an open and scalable platform that seamlessly integrates with 3rd party ISV or homegrown solutions to create a single unified IT Operations Platform. 
In this 30-minute session you will learn:

  • Benefits of integrating IT Operations with your ITSM CMDB
  • Automating ITSM Service Desk Actions within your IT Operations Platform
  • Unlocking the secrets within your IT Operations Platform